SatelliteDirect Review - Special Offer

Since this is my actual first post of this blog, I am going to start with an interesting item, SatelliteDirect.

SatelliteDirect is said to provide you with over 3500 Channels Worldwide (Movies, Sports, Music and More) all right in your PC. Unfortunately this service is not free. You need to make a One-Time Fee of $49.95 for Unlimited Access.

But you can get a free trial by visiting this link - SatelliteDirect Trial ($20 Discount) - Please don't hotlink this.

The trail installed without any problems. I already scanned the file before the installation. You should too.

The program starts up quickly without any issues, BTW I am running Windows 7 64 Bit.
Unfortunately the trail doesn't allow me to access the members area since this is a trial, cant blame these since they would want any hackers to crack how it works.
Also uninstallation is also as easy as installation, no nag screens, no toolbars, no other programs left. That’s nice.

If you use the trail link above you will save $20 as a Special Offer on the One-Time Fee.

More Details at SatelliteDirect.

Conventional Cable requires a Technician, Limited to certain areas when it comes to availability, you must have a Satellite/Cable Box and usually limited to about 150 Channels. And the Cost, Installation is around $200 and there is a $100 Monthly Fee.

But with SatelliteDirect, it takes about 2 or less minutes to download and install, available anywhere, all you need is your PC, you get 3500+ channels, unlimited usage and the best of all No Monthly Fees.

Since I don't have a member ship but I will be getting one soon. Please add my blog to your RSS feed.
Stay Tuned for More.


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